Collection: Wholesale Crystal Bar Bulk Box Of 10 Vape Ske Device

New Vape Crystal Bar from Ske Disposable is the everyday altenative to Elf Bars and Elux Bars with their premium auto draw kit in a range of flavours.

Exclusive Wholesale Price

Crystal Vape Bar is the brand new trend setting device that is bound to end up on your shelf one way or the other, with a unique looking vaping device entering the market - Vape Ske have truly proven proxy or even greater than the immovable elf bar in the disposable device game - A strong yet smooth blend of flavours with a built in mesh coil run by auto draw this bar is set to last in the consumers mind for a really long time

Puff Size: 600puffs

Nicotine Strength: 20MG

Battery Capacity: 550 mAH internal