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BRAND: Element Vape Klik Klak | SKU:

Element Klik Klak Disposable Vape Starter Bundle

Element Klik Klak Disposable Vape Starter Bundle

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Pre Order Starter Bundle includes:

1 Outer (10 Units) of all 10 Flavours

10 x Klik Klak Aloe Grape - KLIKKLAKALOEGRA
10 x Klik Klak Blue Sour Raspberry - KLIKKLAKBLSOURAS
10 x Klik Klak Ice - KLIKKLAKICE
10 x Klik Klak Passion - KLIKKLAKPASSION
10 x Klik Klak Peach Ice - KLIKKLAKPEAICE
10 x Klik Klak Pineapple - KLIKKLAKPINE
10 x Klik Klak Raspberry Lemonade - KLIKKLAKRASPLEM
10 x Klik Klak Super Sour - KLIKKLAKSUPSOU
10 x Klik Klak Tropical Fruit - KLIKKLAKTROFRU
10 x Klik Klak Watermelon - KLIKKLAKWATER


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